About Purge Meter

So my Purge Bar is exceeding the first threshold or 2/3 of the total purge bar meter. Will it stay that way until purge happen to me or will it cooldown ?

A purge only gives 10 minutes preparation after announced, is there any sign that I can read before that, like when to expect a purge to happen, because with purge bar like that, it means it can happen at any time but not clear when or when to expect it, so I cannot go too far from my base.

Solutions are in here, read the introductory text and ‘Purge Meter’:

It can happen at anytime once your meter has reached the first lttle line (around 75% of the meter) and will keep on filling further untill it’s finally full or a purge triggers.
Note that having a 100% full purge meter doesn’t necessarly mean it will trigger though.

the infos on the link from “Thelolxd2” are helpfull, but the purge lvl areas map is not uptodate imo…

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