Purged and Meter Already 1/3 Full

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Purge completed but meter is already 1/3 to 2/5 full. That’s a WTH moment. Pretty sure it’s supposed to start over at zero, but what do I know?

Steps to Reproduce:

I don’t know…

  1. Difficulty: Barbarian

  2. Purge Settings:
    Level: 5
    Delay: 90
    Prep time: 7
    Duration: 23 (had two easy waves with boss (3-skull) on 2nd wave and Purge Defeated?!?!?!)
    Allow Building: No
    Trigger Value: 27,500
    Update Interval: 15
    Initial Delay: 7

  3. Build 1st base on Noob river

  4. Purge goes to 1st stage: “We know what you did last summer.”

  5. Build 2nd base somewhere else to advance purge (foundations (and stairs) only, I chose the swamp, also level 60 now).

If you purge at the first line, the purge resets to zero on initiation, and every action during the purge adds to your purge meter. If your purge initiates after the 1st line, anything past the first line is added to your meter.

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Well that sux. My purge meter is already over half full now. And I’ve just been running around farming, plus some kills and no new building…

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Official servers set the purge trigger to 42,000. This should give you more time in between purges to enjoy the game.

IIRC Barbarian mode sets it to 23,000. Decadent is somewhere in between. I changed this setting to be a little more relaxed but still less than the decadent setting.

At 23,000 and normal thrall crafting, it is not possible to have a high level T4 thrall before the purge arrives. I think it is possible to have a named low level thrall like Tessa the Blade or Ana the Reaver.

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On single players version it’s different than online server. Online server count your actions during play but when you log off the server keeps track of time and it decreases it the longer your off but single players doesn’t have that as it’s a server side feature so when you log off the amount you build will not decrease thus for single players you need to set and alter the settings as they are set to operate online server with a info/database that handles some or half of the settings in tangent to each other where single players act’s as both server and client let me know if that helps


My settings are fine. They are how I prefer to play. Pugilist cleared up the Purge behavior.

Furthermore, while waiting for the purge to begin and end was a single session; Purge level white all the way through to the actual Purge. In addition, once upon a time, I had the Purge completely cancel when I logged off, while the Purge was “Purple”. It happened a long time ago and I doubt FunCom fixed it and I don’t want to test it. So I play solo, I wait for the Purge to begin and I never log off until the purge is complete.

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