About shields and their stats

OK, so we have many nice shields in the game, they look good and may have some use by blocking, and it works fine.

My question is:
What do the stats on shields really mean?

Stats like armor penetration and +damage?
Also, the stat one would think was highest is really the lowest one, armor.

I get like +5 armor, but 14% AP and 30-40 damage?

Now, first off, someone must update the wiki, and then a list of how every stats on every item really work in-game, its near impossible to find out now.

Tooltip maybe?

Anways, if i get those stats by wearing a shield id like to know, as i see no difference in my stats.
And whats with the 5 + armor?
A dev joke?

Most high end shields have approx the same stats, so what they mean should be known.
Armor, blockrate or block amount i am used to on a shield, but damage and armor pen i just dont get it because theres no change in my stats if i wear one.

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Shield stats are a relic of a previous system or unfinished. Either of which I’m not sure. In either case its irrelevant.

The only stats on a shield that matters is durability and weight. ALL shields function the same. You raise them to block. And when they are raised they block.

The differences between shields is mostly cosmetic. I have noticed ‘some’ slight ease with blocking with certain shapes, but this could be a placebo effect. I normally just run with an Iron Targe since its cheap and easy to make. As well as matches my outfits normally.

Thanks for the input.

It would seem to me you are right, but thenagain that makes shelds of all sorts irrelevant?

Like you said, use an iron targe and your all set, why spend materials making a star metal or dragonbone shield, or better yet, why look for a legendary shioeld at all?

I whish someone with inside information could tell us what really is the thing with the shields, as they are a wery nice part of the items in game, and i would love for them to have some use on top of just blocking, because like you said, it makes no sense to even hunt for a better shield, as they all block the same:(

There is apparently and patch in development which enables us to use off-hand weapons i.e. you can swing an axe and wield a throwing axe at the same time. With this I think there is an intention to offer an attack with shields, essential along the lines of shunt or shoulder barge. So the shield stats may have more meaning in the near future.

Addotionally durabiliry plays a role. Yes iron may work on a normal journey. However if you are tanking a boss, it will destroy the it in shield faster than say a star metal one.

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Yes, i have read something about a possibility to hit with the shield also, wich can be cool as a stunner or to apply certain debuffs currently on the shields.

But as it is now i still have no answer to what these stats really do, and why there is no uppdated wiki.

As i see it, coming from mmos a looong time ago a wiki was wery important, as it is now.
Imaginer playing Anarcy Online with no wiki?
hehe, not possible.
There are really to many items in-game that no one know how to make, or what the stats really do.
This in fact makes the game shorter and smaller then it really is.

I have seen people reach 60 and not even know about how to press oil, or that you can use seeds and even coal in the presser.

I know this is what devs really like you to do, use the items and functions in-game, but how can we if there is no wiki to explain the stats and items in a complete manner wich is searchable?

For me its ok, i like to explore and investigate certain things, but for many gamers this isnt the case, they complain about things that in fact are possible in the game but they dont even know it.

The shield example here is a good pointer as to why things are as they are, its close to impossible to play and know about all the features wich are in or out of game, as there are no wiki that are updated, and there are just to many items and functions for most people to remember.

On my server i can see many elementary questions come up, and many times of course by new players, wich is fine, but in fact these same newbs are the ones yelling loud as h…, and they dont even know that the exact thing they want or need really is allredy in-game.

I used to use the online wiki to find items i wanted, and that ment get a group together and kill the world boss or visit that dungeon, this is really added value, and makes the game last a long time.
It holds the community together and thats allways a good thing.

Even tho this isnt a mmo, i seem to play it the same way, i do most solo, and go with friends when its needed, i dont really care if its 10 or 1000 online, as i newer play with them, and they usually hang in the citys or in a different zone anyways.
And as i allays have missed a place to call home in a mmo, i love the fact that i can build my base, furnityre and style it and call it home:)

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