What does armor pene and health dmg do on a shield?

What does armor pene and health dmg do on a shield?

does it add to your 1H weapon stats?

or only effects when you try to shield slam?

Well, I’m assuming it’s bugged, but after a series of tests, I believe one person found that shield damage doesn’t affect the damage you do with a shield at all. On that slam, you just do 10 damage, flat, whether you’re using an epic legendary or an iron targe. Armor Pen nor damage mods affected this.

This is the thread that spawned this discussion, IIRC:

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Shields kind off suck in this game, but they are good at blocking and spaming lmb with a javelin
On a side note, pene means penis in spanish, so reading that as a native spanish speaker gave me a giggle…


Not really bugged, just how the game was designed on the back end. Could it have been done differently or better? Sure, but it’s how things are designed now, and changing the system would require quite the overhaul back end wise.

Basically, all off-hand weapons, shields, throwing axes, don’t contribute to combo damage at all. An Iron Targe or a Legendary shield makes no difference. So why the damage numbers on the shield at all? I don’t know, maybe they planned on doing something with it and never did, or maybe they did it just to help players identify higher quality shields than others.

Throwing axes damage does come into play when thrown though. During a combo, they do nothing in terms of damage contribution. But they will register higher damage values when thrown.

So ultimately, the only thing to make shields special currently is passive bonuses, buffs, or higher durability.

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I concur, I just think they should remove “Shield Damage” from visible view if that’s the case. It’s pretty bad if this has been the behavior since day 1, it really misdirects players.

But then again, the “bonus armor missing” bug has been with us close to eight months now…

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