About that Down but Not Out Thing

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I know it’s there, but I have yet to experience it. I was in chat with some friends who saw a guarding thrall go into this state after a giant croc attacked.

However, I have intentionally gotten thralls killed, but as yet I have not seen them take a knee.

Despite what is said on this forum, I haven’t found thralls particularly weak, and I haven’t lost one in a fight in years. I have had them killed by trolls who kited purges over to my bases.

So, what’s the deal? I have gotten four thralls killed, but no DBNO.


The other day I did a leveling speedrun punctuated at Level 38 by a trip to Flotsam with 358 Gold Coin. From that point on, Shelby Kush and I were inseparable.

Then I took her back to Flotsam for an Alchemist and a Sorcerer Skull. Who knew she’d aggro all the bar and vendor urchins?

Anyway, I was grateful for the DBNO. It was probably the reason why I’d play more cavalierly in the first place.

In my case, because she was Following, it said “Shelby Kush is down, go help them!” Good luck killing your duders for Science!


So in order to have “dbno” my thrall should be on following order? What about purge thralls that guard, i remember i read something about a war cry that revives my thralls.
How did you revive your thrall @Barnes?
Thanks in advance for your feedback brother!


You can give a Rallying Cry to all the thralls in the general area, 15 meters I believe. After I killed the ruffians I went to Shelby and it gives you a menu: I selected E and she popped back up with 600 or so health.

If they are not following I think you need to go to each and issue a rallying cry.


Thanks a million brother. These days my internet connection has huge issues so i play on single player horizon forbidden west. Although i had this game for months and Aloy is one of my best ever, i couldn’t find time to enjoy this epic game. But i won’t deny it, i already miss my little Bella :laughing:.


Question: Has anyone experienced the new system with golems or pets yet are they effected in any way?

Golems shouldn’t be affected, according to the patch notes:


Oh! Ok I must’ve mist that part in brackets.


DBNO works for human followers, pets, and mounts, but not for golems or zombies


Ok good thanks for letting me know about the mounts too I was also curious about that. my camel has over 19000 hit points so I wasn’t sure how I was going to test that I don’t like watching him get hurt.
So far iv tested the DBNO on humans but not pets and I’ve had strange issues with golems.

The golem in question after loosing all hit points didn’t fall apart like it normally does it went down on one knee and just stayed like that for a bout 4mins before vanishing like it was waiting to be revived. That’s why I wasn’t sure.

But as codemage just showed me it was mentioned in the patch notes. I just missed it.

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I sure would like to see that with my thralls. I have seen two other player’s thralls go into the DBNO state. Both of them were guarding a base, and both were attacked by nearby enemies when I walked into the area.

As for thralls following me, the count is up to 13 dead, not a single DBNO. Don’t get too sad, they were bar purchases who were specifically for this purpose. I’m not risking a thrall I really want to keep on this experiment.

I even had one thrall die by FATALITY. Yes, as I walked to kill the rocknose when my thrall was wobbling in the dazed state, I both killed the rocknose, and performed a fatality on my own thrall. I can’t upload the video here, for some reason.


Had my first experience with it. Yeah it functions

IDK, but this isn’t a big deal to me. I’m not attached to the thralls at all. The only ones that matter to me in the long run are the ones that are no longer available and so they are precious but I don’t run around with these. The rest? 1’s and 0’s that can be replaced if I truly want them back. I know I’m the minority on this so it’s a huge QoL for most players. For me, personally, this was a minor thing and I get more enjoyment out of the auto-stacking feature.

So, a question about DBNO: i assume if the health and DBNO bar are both depleted that a thrall dies… but is there a form of penalty before the inevitable? Such as a lowering of maximum HP upon every incurrence of the DBNO state?

I can not for the life of me get this to work. I’m playing a local game. I’ve lost close to a dozen thralls now, they are following me, they get attacked, I get a pop up message saying so and so has died while following you. I’ve only seen them wobble twice, but then they immediately die before any action can be taken. I’ve checked the settings and I don’t see a timer anywhere, only a tic box to turn it on or off (it’s on).

I thought maybe mods were interfering with it, but I removed all mods and its the same thing in vanilla.

Am I missing something?

DBNO is for thralls and pets

Are you interacting with them after you get the message? It’s not an automated revival. You have to literally walk up to them and revive them.

They are dead by the time I get there. They literally die before I can clear the mobs off them. There majority of the time they don’t even swoon, they just die like they always used to. If they do swoon (and like I’ve said I’ve only see it happen twice) they are dead the very next hit. It’s impossible to wade in there and save them before it happens.

Are you on a custom server or official? DBNO is a server option, so it can be toggled off on customs, it might be worth checking regardless, though it did default to on for me

It’s not automatic, it requires user interaction with the thrall in question.

Probably your private server settings. It’s working on official servers.