Accessing locked chest as admin, command?

Is there an admin command to unlock a workbench or chests of another clan?
Would have to be able to unlock it only for myself or be able to lock it again so the owner clan can only access it again.
I’ve been looking for a more complete admin command list as well but most sites tend to just
copy/paste the limited list that I find on the Conan wiki page.

For the locked chests, I don’t think there is an admin command.
Or I at least am unaware of one.

For Benches there is the “containers ignore ownership” check box on the server page of the set up menu, this is the option that locks benches on PVE servers.

You’ll just need to tick the box again after.

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Ahh, thank you! That works on all containers, workbenches and chests, for now that all the solution I needed but if any command arises that makes marked admins to ignore ownership it would be great.
Thank you!

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