Locked Doors and Chests

Is there anyway to be able to have the option to unlock doors or chests for players. I wanted to have some areas open for players who are not part of my clan, but I’d have to play door man to let them pass through. I know there is the option to ignore chests and doors, but when I turned that on it just made a mess out of things and I didn’t see any options to lock anything.

Any MODS anyone know of I guess? I know Pippi has the Egress doors, but what about the option to have open chests?

Disabling auto-close on the doors is the best you can do. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way of unlocking chests on PvE.

Just sad that you would think something so simple that should be in the game isn’t there. How hard is it to just make it so you can have a locked or unlocked door or chest? Not sure if I read it wrong at some point, but in the server settings it as “conatinersignoreownership”, and I swear I read somewhere that if you had that set that it said you could lock somethings. But I couldn’t find one thing I could lock. And now, it seems like I can’t get it to reverse and have things locked anymore. its like its stuck on everything open at the moment. So now I have to figure out why turning that option of for a little bit screwed everything up.

And this doesn’t just go for doors or chest but even to allow someone to use a workstation or a religion structure. I have issues of people wanting to build ever region temple there is so that they can have option to all of the items availble and it just clutters the land. Would be nice to just have temple locations where someone could unlock the temple to let other people use it. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind that one. It feels like it really should be an option in the game already.

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