Pass code protected doors/gates/chests

Are there any plans to add pass codes to doors, gates and chests as an option like locking a chest is in game, like ARK allows?

This will allow for non clan members to enter others structures if given the passcode or to keep “recruits” or unsavory individuals out of other clan mates chests or houses, thus protecting their equipment.

This is extremely useful when wanting to keep certain items secure and not accessible to all in the clan or to allow “visitors” a way to interact with structures without the concern of theft.

Particularly useful on privately owned role-playing servers or pve servers that wish to allow others into their bases. Also very usefull to ensure the security of clan mates personnel belongings.

Thank you.



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Want that too, its a really missed feature to have only a few locked containers, but no option to restrict access further than to “Clan can access” and no option to allow access outside of clan.
Passcode is in several games with that base already and would take a huge step in securing as we wish.

Do you play on pc? If yes you should use the Pippi Mod and you get password or code protected doors, hatches, gates even warded by gatekeepers demanding a special item or fee.

:eyes: Wow that’s cool! Sounds like Funcom needs to get these mod folks to finish the game or at least emulate these kinds of things. If you are on console you’ll never get great additions like these! If you add great things from the mods you wouldn’t need all these mods.

Funcom should hire some of the best modders who have a passion for this game to help fix it [patches], improve it [Qol], and get more out of it [building pieces].

just an fyi they tried to hire Joshtech but he turned them down.

Sadly, PS4. So no glorious mods.

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