Doors Houses and Castles

Hey guys I want to make an suggestion to doors system, that somehow the owner of the house could allow someone to open the door or the Clan master could allow clan low tier members to open only especifc doors.
pretty the same like old MMORPG that Ive played called Tibia.


The Pippi Mod adds those doors, named egress. You can set up those doors, so that someone has to use a key, a password, has to pay for or the door only opens on special daytimes …:grinning:


Good! I miss it so much last time i played conan, im acctually not playing for maybe 3 or 6 months, im waiting for this uptade to come back :smiley:

Yeah, Pippi mod’s Egress is terrific. You can also make items in your inventory be a “key” - like having to need to carry Black Ice in order to open a door. They also added in currency for opening doors where players would set-up what amount of Gold/Silver/Bronze to open a door, the money going to that player. (oh yeah, Pippi has a Currency system too!)

The Pippi Mod adds much more than those doors, there are loot and npc spawners, cameras to shoot films, the most things are for admin use - you can can really make a great pvp server with this mod. Ofcourse you are able to give the egress doors to the players.

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