Accidental Character Wipe (with proposed solution)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Other
Server: 7059 PvE-Conflict
Region: East Coast USA
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Hey there, this is not a bug report, but I’m setting it up like one because the result is perhaps more significant than most bugs.

I just lost my character due to trying to pull my bracelet. Instead of pulling my bracelet, my controller kicked the cursor down from remove bracelet to delete character and before I had a chance to even react to the message onscreen, my input had double-tapped its way through.

Now if it was just losing the character and starting from level 1, that’s almost okay, but with the grind for recipes that Siptah is, I just lost hundreds of hours of progress just to the grind through dungeons.

While I know that this is my fault, I just can’t see why these two buttons were placed right next to each other and why deleting the character only takes but the additional single click of the A button. Potential Fix: Make the player type in “delete” or the character’s name to ensure they really meant to delete them.

Finally, my request: I find myself very much not wanting to play anymore due to this loss (but probably will anyways). If there is a way to restore my character with their learned recipes (even without their inventory), I would really appreciate the help in pursuing that option. Thank you for your time.

Server: Official 7059
Character name: Karla
Clan: Galactic Empire

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