Accidently bought a hdd to download conan exiles! Worst

I downloaded the game on wd black HDD. The textures were grainy and when you want to click on icon like for example " single player mode" you’d have to raise your mouse cursor above that not on the actual button! Anyone have anyone problem on the SSD?

Play around with v-sync I think it is and resolution. That should solve your problems.

Like Bigguy mentions;
Sounds like screen resolution issue. My laptop does this alot with games, It never seems to get it right.
Ark did this on first install, (as did Skyrim SE) I had re-adjust setting to window full screen (from fullscreen) to get it just right.

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but there is still the issue with me being unable to click the button icon… I have to scroll above it and click it

Ya, thats part of screen resolution being off. (it lest from what’ve experience several times)

Wild Life was last game to do that to me, everything on screen was off, with were I had to click till I got right screen resolution to display.

Not expert on subject by any means, Just what your describe sounds like thats issue.

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Yeah, this wouldn’t be a problem with a hard drive.

  1. Install your latest video card driver
  2. Check the resolution of your desktop vs the resolution in game, make them the same if you can
  3. Try switching screen modes in game from whatever it is at now to something else and then back (ie, Windowed to Full Screen back to Windowed, or even Windowed Full Screen which seems to also help with performance in CE)
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