Account activation

Hello everyone! New player here–just wanted to confirm that my son and I were both able to add subscription time without any major hickups. There was a short (less than 30 mins) delay while waiting for activation, but afterwards we were able to make multiple characters and enjoy the game with full member status.

I am posting this b/c I almost didn’t sub thinking it wasn’t going to work after reading old threads. But, I took the chance and my Mastercard went through without any issues.

We’re both having a blast, it’s great to join everyone in this game and hope to see you all around for a while yet.

-Helioras, Bear Shaman

Where did you do the sub through? The in game store, your AoC My Account? or elsewhere?

most people just don’t report when it works ! :wink:

I clicked on the account link through the login portal on the client. I downloaded the client from the website. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Returning plaer after some years. Got premium, paid with Paypal, worked fine. But later I was trying to buy Funcom points with Mastercard but payment is still pending. Better use Paypal if you pay any service in Age oif Conan. Much faster.