Accuracy legendary armor

Please add more craftable accuracy legendary. The only items with accuracy are silent legion/pride of aesir helm. neweset dungeons also don’t have any accuracy set or accuracy parts.

I don´t know if I misunderstood because there is a bit of a contradiction here between “craftable” and “legendary” armor.
Nontheless see here for all armors:

or here for special craftable accuracy armor sets:

  • Shemite (light),
  • Stygian Raider (medium),
  • Hyrkanian Raider (heavy, heat prot.) or Poitain Cavalier (heavy, cold prot.)
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Yes I know about these armors. But look at feats like silent legion, godbreaker, champion, khari etc, feats that you need to learn. They are under legendaries on the page you mentioned but you can still craft them once you learn the feat. I would like to see a new armor feat you need to learn from somewhere and get a new set of accuracy predominant. So far those I mentioned before are str/vit/grit

Now I see. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Assassin - from Blood and sand DLC

Lemurian Warrior - Can be learned by interacting with the throne once The Witch Queen has been defeated

Yep, but it’s str and acc. Royal lemurian is survival. I’m saying it needs to be something new, witch queen dungeon is old now
Doesn’t need to be dlc. A new dungeon with a feat for a new accuracy set

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