Heavy armour with accuracy and heat resistance?

Does an armour like this exists? Only found heavy accuracy armour with cold resistance.
Or accuracy and heat resistance but in medium size.
Maybe some legendary drops i haven’t found yet? Thanks in advance

I don’t think a complete set exists. Silent Legion helmet gives +2 Accuracy, but that’s all I know of. I haven’t checked the Poitain armors (Riders of Hyboria DLC) yet, but they seemed more styled for knightly jousting than horse archery.

Riders of Hyborea heavy armor is accuracy with heat resist.

Gnadolin is right. With the recent DLC there is a new heavy armor with up to +9 accuracy (flawless epic) which can be crafted by an T4 armorer.

Really? Surprising. But then again, Funcom has repeatedly stated that they give their DLC stuff stats that are needed in the game, rather than what would be thematical.

I guess Poitainian kgiths are just so awesome that they can give their opponents a little bit of a handicap.

By all that is right, they should have been. However, because Funcom is a capricious and sometimes cruel master, they made the Knight armor into Archer armor. I have whined extensively brought up the issue over here, also.

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Thank you all. I will have a look later. :slight_smile:

Are you guys saying the only armor with accuracy and heat resistance is behind a paywall? Not bashing, just asking.

The only !Heavy! heat resistant accuracy set, yes.

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@Ignasi just to clear things up, i recall from early access you guys sayng that dlc would be a cosmetic variant of what the game already had, now people say that the riders of hyboria has an armor set with attributes that are not in armor set already in the game, so making a piece of content with different mechanic behind a paywall. Am I getting things right? Not bashing, just wanting to clear things up in case it was missed by the devs.

That is not the first DLC armor set with a uniquie temperature/stat/weight combination.
Famous other examples are Khitan heavy, the only Cold ENC armor in the game, Aquilonian heavy with GRIT/Heat Yamatai Heavy with VIT/Heat to name a few.

thank you gnadolin, so they didn’t keep their word about no pay2win in conan exiles. And tecnically, it’s pay2win, just tecnically. Have been off the game since the first dlc.

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