"Riders of Hyboria" DLC is lacking a shield, could we please get one?

As the title says. With the Poitain themed (knights & high medieval society) gear I was stoked about the possibility of a new heater shield being added along with them (heater shields being used on horseback & by infantry). It’s the perfect opportunity to do so as it fits so well with the culture.

I’m imagining the typical crest shaped heater shield, with a back of wood & a silvery metal face trimmed with gold, like the Campaign and Cavalier Armours, with the Golden Leopard embossed in the middle.

Please make this an addition to the already awesome DLC.
I’ll fund its addition myself if I have too :sweat_smile:


Except for some reason*, Poitain heavy armor is not for knights or infantry, it’s made for archers (+Accuracy). Yep, I’m still salty about that, by the way!

*I know the reason, and I find it inadequate, to say the least

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Regarding Accuracy on the Heavy set, it would be alright imo if each point in ACC gave 1% chance to crit, a crit ignoring a like 50% armour or dealing 15% more damage.

My biggest nitpick is how the armour is all heat resistant. Thick padding used under the poitain armour is going to warm you up not cool you down. It genuinely makes no sense freezing to death in that stuff just being near the border to the snow.

Rant over smh.

A lot player issues like mine above, yours too with the attribute bonuses, can be solved with a vanity system.

Maybe give us a work bench with two slots; one that takes the stats of a piece of armour (cold resistance, +2 grit, 250 armour rating etc.) and one that takes the armour model.
Add a material cost for the switch & lock it based on armour weight classes (no light armour look with med or heavy stats because PvP)

That’s a DLC I’d drop a paycheck on


Would LOVE to see a Poitain shield. The lion crest on the armor would look AMAZING on a heater shield. Please add this, Funcom. No shield in game looks good with this awesome armor. Hardened Steel is the closest match in colors, but leaves much to be desired.

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