Poltain shield would be nice

Why add a knight armour dlc without fulfilling everything a knight would use I.e poltain shield


Please. I asked ages ago but got no answer. Itd make sense to have it shaped like the heater shield too as heater shields were typically used on horseback, and were still pretty good on foot.

I like it but I believe it will only shine if they change it up and allow shields on horseback…which should happen after the 3.0 nerf of lances because we have to see if that is sufficient to bring horse riders down to a more reasonable combat level. No sense in giving even more benefits to a meta play until the meta play has been removed.

I mean a shield is an addition to all not just metas

yep but we can’t use shields on horseback (I don’t know why but we can’t) and before we give horse riders means to defend themselves more, we have to remove their centaur god-like smiting ability.

I didnt mean it as such just so we can use shields on horseback, more as it being a lore friendly design.

Shields on horseback would be interesting though. As you said however, more consideration needs to go into it.

Using a shield would be fun especially if we could strike downwards with it.

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