Action menu with Thralls

Since todays patch, the action menu as been moved from X to E which is a really good thing in my point of vue.

But the message saying “Cannot Command, No one following you now” is a bit annoying. If I don’t have a thrall on follow mode, I think the E key should just function as it was before. Having a message displaying that I have no one following is a bit out of scope.

On the same vein, if I have a follower with me, and hit the E key to send him a Command, if there is anything on the ground that can be interacted with, it takes the precedences, even if I have my DOT pointed at an emeny.

If you ask a follower to STOP and continue moving, it will eventually move to you again.
If you ask a follower to move to a certain point, if it is too far from you, it will move to that spot and then come back to you.

Hope this help and thanks again for the good work.


Yes, i would agree. If no thrall is following, the "e’ key should work as before. I did some dismantling to my base and it was super annoying to have the thrall command menu pop up every time i wasn’t quite close enough to the building piece i wanted to destroy.


The e-key should work like it always did, whether I have a follower or not. I mean, it’s for interaction, so basically anything. Before the last patch, the command menu wasn’t intrusive at all, I only occassionally got a message about whether a command could be executed. Now it’s just weird. If I saw that correctly, it wasn’t even stated in the options that the key has been remapped to E.

is there a way to revert it back to X? i dislike using E
i see the binds are all seperate and i dont see a way to combine them into the way it originally was

It is super annoying to have the thrall command menu pop up every time when building or gathering. And yes, its popping up even when I don’t have any thralls, let alone having one following me.


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