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Please add a ”follow” option to the followers menu. This would be far more effective than “rescue.” With bugs still present in the game like followers falling through the map on server restarts and stuff, it’s really annoying that I can’t get my followers back without losing everything. I have a follower at my purge base that’s somewhere, but I can’t find them. They’re on the map as right near me, but their name isn’t highlighted yellow on the menu as being nearby. It would seem they’re inside the rock face or something. I have top tier equipment on them and a momentum. I couldn’t care less about the thrall himself, but I want that equipment.

Edit… have this be a PvE-only feature. I don’t need to be arguing with PvP players on this matter.


This is the problem for a lot of otherwise good ideas, PvPers always find ways to abuse them.

Enabling Follow from anywhere on the map would be pretty useful, but I can think of ways that could be abused even on PvE.

I made a suggestion a while back that Rescue should have no penalty if you are very close to your follower. I think this would be a better option, though even it could still be abused on PvP by allowing them to teleport followers full of loot through the walls of their no-doors base.

Unfortunately, I can’t really see Funcom implementing something that is PvE-only, and that goes back to my initial statement.


I agree… but there should be some sort of solution for this annoying bug. All I want is my stuff back. Either that or bring back the damn vendor that sells the momentum. :unamused:

Hmm… take a bunch of disposable camels held by a follower, as you get encumbered just place one down and put the excess loot. Once you’ve used about a dozen of them, put all your equipment in the last one and pull bracelet. Then one by one ‘follow’ them back to base.

Sounds like an excellent way to not have to use Expertise builds in PVE.

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Expertise has other benefits than encumbrance. You’re only referring to max. Regardless, that’s a roundabout, longer way to do it, especially if there’s a cooldown like rescue.

On a related note, I managed to find my thrall in question. Thankfully, he was at a different location than I thought and I was still tracking a different thrall that just happened to be in the same area as well. It was confusing, but regardless, the point of the topic is still relevant since we’ve all seen this kinda thing happen… much to our chagrin.

If there is bugs such as thralls falling through the world. I’d rather they work on fixing those bugs instead of adding features that act as a workaround/bandaid fix. Adding layers on top of existing issues isn’t the way to go. Its a good way to introduce even more bugs and issues.

Right now when things work as they should (and in my experience they do on healthy servers without corrupted databases), thralls do not get stuck anywhere. Instead if they stop following for whatever reason (death, disconnect, or manually told) they return to their home spot after 15 minutes with all gear intact.

The system of saving the thrall is meant to prevent the PVE abuse I mentioned before. If a player gets themselves killed then they should be prepared to rush back to save their thrall or face the consequences of dying and potentially losing the thrall + equipment. This in my experience has worked as intended.

Normally I’d agree, but they haven’t been able to effectively for years. Also, “on a healthy server” doesn’t apply to consoles. They’re all fairly poor.

Do you think there would be abuse if they were to implemant a system in which, instead of “clicking” on the thrall to make him follow, we play an emote in his direction to order him to follow us back? In some games you can whistle to your pets and mounts so they would follow you. Whistling a human would be too weird, but an emote would be cool. Ah… not from a large range of course, but from a very close range (eg: 5 meters), as to be able to unstuck the lost thralls without being able to cheat our way to save a far away thrall attacked by a non player character or a player.

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I’m definitely not opposed to this. Maybe a 10-15 foundation (in any direction) range on Follow. If that was the range of the follow from menu then there would be very little room for any exploitation. Bonus is no need to make it PVE only.

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For the direction, I suggested towards him -or facing the way we suppose the thrall is stucked at-, because I fear that if the range is too large, we would call an unwanted thrall by accident if the thrall is stuck in our own base. The idea would be to have a cone range, kind of.

Thrall call

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I was speaking to a button in the follower menu, and any direction including the up and down axis to prevent abuse in the form of more vertically aligned bases with no normal entrances.


@E.y @Taemien
I’m glad you guys are considering solutions. The question is whether Funcom is capable of implementing these features… and NOT be exploited by cheaters. I think there may need to be a feature to “activate” a specific thrall before using a call. Or a toggle to say which thralls will respond to said call/emote… so as to prevent all thralls. Though I suppose even if that were to happen, you’re still gonna find the one in question… IF it can overcome the dreaded thrall-stuck bug. :expressionless:

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I think the part about the solution I’ve come up with I like the most is being able to select a thrall from a list. I’ve had clans of a few people and sometimes it can be a little interesting trying to pick out the thrall you want to use out of many, especially if they are all wearing the same gear.

If they have different names they could be easily picked out in the menu. It would be like shouting their name and they come running over. So it doesn’t really break immersion there.

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Yeah, I tend to name my thralls, as well as give them each different illusions on their armor. That being said, I know plenty of people who just keep them all as “cimmerian berserker” with the same armor fashion. It’s not my ideal way of doing things, but it works for many since it’s just easier. Granted, having a unique name and look are what allowed me to tell which of my thralls was missing, which started this whole debate. And on a related note, allowed me to find the thrall in question.

Aaaaah! Alright, thank you! Yes, that would be awesome this way

However they do it, I hope they do find a solution for those stucked thralls. At least, if one manages to “emote-call” the thrall at a short distance even if the thrall was bugged in a mesh, there is hope for it to teleport to you when you start running away from the spot.

I love it. I also customize my thralls’ armours. But I lack too much of imagination for names. So I remember which is missing by their clothes :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I think the question is, what do you hate more, someone recalling their thrall away or losing your thrall to glitches?

I don’t like people using exploits against me, but I HATE it when a glitch kills all my effort.

That’s a logical solution. If the thrall in question appears in white on the followers tab there should be no penalty.

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