Actual new patch's bug

Ok, besides all the discussions on movement and roll and yadda yadda yadda…
There are few new bugs that came up to life (what a surprise!)

  1. The image of character or thrall in the menu is not cropped and so it is not fixed to stay inside of it, feet and half head are cropped away (stretched figure); not a game-breaking bug but pretty embarassing to see, really anyone noticed this testing the game?
  2. Some issues in the workbenches menu, especially if featuring a working thrall: the list on the right does not scroll correctly so you can actually reach the recipe (armor or weapon) you’re looking for, but it’s very uncomfortable to search it without seeing the image (the lsit remains stucked into first half of recipes). You can correct this by entering the menu, removing the working thrall from his assignment, scroll the menu and replace the thrall in his slot, but it’s obviously pretty lame.
  3. Happened to me just twice, sliding down a mountain (when I do not miss the cue with the "momentum :P) and finding my character blocked into “slide animation”, walking, running or jumping wont break this pose, but rolling or attacking will restore your barbarian to normal position.

Still present some old bugs (dying physics, terrain not rendering properly after a simple run and the usual stuff, these are the new one I found since here.
(is it only me?)

No. It is not only you. Check the bug section, you will notice that most if not all of these issues are covered by others already.

AH ok, sorry for recycling!

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