Bug List after 05.12.2019

  1. Character size too big (face and feet can’t be seen) while looking at inventory
  2. Can’t scroll down in Armor’s benches when having a (named?) thrall
  3. Character is -after a while (im trying to figure out exactly when) healing automatically, too much too fast even while poisoned or bleeding
  4. Scorpion Ward not giving the extra +100 armor
  5. Character dying animation after falling is sometimes that of being poisoned
  6. Character equipment on hand is showing also in thrall’s when looking his inventory
  7. Screen size changed and some elements are off screen (buffes i.e.)
  8. Maybe is intended, but the speed of character movement in the air after jumping from a cliff was also reduced so it’s impossible to turn around in the air and hung

Yes I have seen most of these, the healing was curious (3). I was thinking it was coming from the thrall eating and healing?

I have not seen 5, 8 but now will look at it.

Will add, horse getting stuck often. I got stuck in the horse a couple of time once my PS4 crashed as I got stuck in a fence that had not rendered on screen. Then when it did I was half way through. Then after closing Conan twice I managed to get back into the game. I then found I was stuck inside the horse (So I got dismounted).

Nightstalkers Mask doesn’t work

When creating a female character in single player before the final conformation the character model disappears leaving only the cloths and the list of your crimes visible.

Every +Armor shield does not work. Was reported during testlive

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