Add a Check Box in Feats to lock in to prevent Respecting Everything

Most of the time when I use a respect potion it’s to change my attributes, Its unnessary and tedious to unlock all my building skills that I would have kept the same.


i can totally agree that this is really annoying…

an easier way would be the possibility to unlock pre-requisite trees for the thing you want with one click, it would atleast make the things much easier and way less clicks to get everything back

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I think everyone agree with this.
We should have 2 different potions to reset Attributes and feats.

Since yellow lotus powder isn’t used in any recipe, it could be a good way to implement a second lotus potion to reset feats only.

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I’ve seen this mentioned a couple of times from different people. I went ahead and noted it down in the suggestions list. :slight_smile:


yes please. something is needed. 2 potions would be the better option, but something.