Add a few community mods to official please?!

  1. Fashionista - except Light armor could only look like other light armor ECT ECT it would be armor class specific so you could wear Zamorian thief armor and have it look like a wardancers chest ECT.

  2. more character customization - eye colors, hairstyles, skin pigmentations, piercings tattoos ECT. Please?

  3. more to/decoration items

I’d pay for that too, even not playing on officials in my life. How hard can it be to reach an economic agreement with a modder to include their work in game content?. I doubt modders are greedy at all, they do it because they like to mod, and love the game. 21st century, outsourcing and so…

A great idea, but it would only work if FunCom completely absorbed or took over the mods as I imagine it would be a serious data-risk/breach letting non-FunCom employees into the game core.

BUT, FunCom have brought in some features into game that appear to have originated in mods so who knows! :slight_smile:

I am not a modder, but afaik, mods don’t touch blueprints (whatever that is :slight_smile: ), just add items or animations. I hope some of the modders around the forum can share their view on this.

Look at pippi for instance, it’s a must mod in almost all private servers, works wonders, gives a huge variety of options and tools, and the makers are really commited to it. Without touching game core code.

Here a very nice speedbuild of a steamboat with modded building tiles and Placeables :innocent:
Speedbuild by emanora


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