Add accessory slots

There are many mods that do this for pc, as a console player I’d love to see this implemented into the hard game, not so much for stat boosts, which i wouldnt complain about if that was included, but solely for the purpose of greater character customization and uniqueness. For example have a belt slot an leg armor that allows a lantern attachment for light, when it goes out you’d need to unequip it and feed it oil to refill the timer, another would be sheath/permanent visible fixed slots on primary weapons that make that weapon not go way when pulling another out from wheel. If you have on for each weapon then they stay exposed in your body. But the options are endless and could make dlcs a bit cooler as well as overall character customization.


Speaking purely from a point of personal preference, I would still love to see slots added for rings and for neclaces, ala Diablo and Skyrim style myself.


I’ll take a quiver! :bow_and_arrow:

While I like the idea, this would essentially be a portable crafting bench on the player’s belt and might not be feasible from a tech pov, probably easier to have it work as torches do now and require oil to repair it.

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Simple and clean with small boni, like +1 to an attribute or some damage reduction or little bit of additional HP.


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