Add option to turn off inventory mouse over drum sound

Something changed in the past 2 patches that made the drum sound when you mouse over items in any inventory screen a lot more prevalent. It’s obnoxious now and constant if you are moving a lot of stuff around.

Add a menu option to disable this sound effect so people that want/like it can keep it, and those of us that do a ton of farming and inventory movements can keep our sanity.


I agree, this is really annoying.

I have started hearing that noise even if I am not even playing.

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Oh god yes it is killing me. This is not a sound necessary for immersion into the game, therefore it is just useless noise wasting processor resources. And the frequency of the sound occurrence means it is probably using way more than it should. This is like the whoosh bug, useless sound and causes extreme annoyance.


Yes, please. I’m using Loudness equalization (for reasons) and the inventory sounds are horrendous. (I had to install a mod called ShutUp to get rid of them).

As the OP said, please add an option to Settings -> Audio to turn them off.

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This is one of the first things I noticed and was extremely annoyed with.

It even bugs out and spam plays dozens of times a second in some cases when you’re hovering over something.

I guess I’ll install it as well… They didn’t give any technical details and I’m a bit apprehensive about mods that don’t explain how they do what they do, but for the sake of saving a large amount of irritation… Gonna assume it just replaces the sound file with a blank one.

Still, there should be a way to disable it at the core, which prevents resources being allocated to it.

I’ll look that addon up, I couldn’t find one earlier that silenced that. Thanks!