OMG That Inventory Sound!

Can we please have an option to eliminate that annoying, god aweful bassy thunk everytime we move our cursor from frame to frame of an inventory slot? It adds nothing to the experience but irritation.


Agree, specially with headphones.

Mod it. Probably wouldn’t be hard. Maybe already a mod for it.

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This! Especially when the inventory freaks out and swaps frames all the time with the mouse cursor in between. It’s really threatening.

Agree, very annoying, even more so with headphones on like Arizer_FM said.

Please give option to mute it.

I know, right? Mousing around my inventory sounds like someone kicked a bongo drum down a flight of stairs.

There is already a mod on steam workshop to turn it off. “Shut Up” I think it’s called. Haven’t tried it yet.

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LOL…thanks. I’ll have to give it a try

FRoomp… F-RRrrRrrRrrrOOMP! Frrrrump, Frrrrrrump.

and the cursor is stuck between two icons…

FRRrrRRRrrrRRRrrrrRRRrrrrrRRRrrrrRRRrrrrRRrrrr x infinity


I lol’d so hard :joy::joy::joy: but yes the inventory sound is annoying.

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Or you go AFK with the I screen up and a cat jostles your mouse to the between sweet-spot. Sounds like a Darfari snarfed a bit too much Frost Lotus dust and busted out the bongos.


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