Some Feedback for changes

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: -
GameVersion: #104097/18788 PC

  • Is it possible to extend the inventory menu on the left side instead of having a column to draw? Would be much more adorable.

  • This is a bug i often had after switching out of the ingame menus. It appears going into ingame menu (press m for map) and then exit through “esc” button, the highlighting remains.

This also happens in the game menu (main menu)

  • Is it possible to remove the black thing at the end of the map. There are just two hints. I do not know why to add this black end thing, i think it is enough if the top has it. So you can see more of the map. More adorable too.

btw why does the map get this brightness lowering visual if you move the mouse to a corner? Does not make sense in my pov. Only to demonstrate map is over?

  • Sometimes the total amount crafting button does not work. Only after hitting one piece button or 10 piece button the total amount possible button works

  • Game music should be set to 0%. Instead of lowering to the min, there is still music left.
  • Can you make the size of the overcumbered sign like 20% smaller AND push it down above the quickbutton menu?
  • I think big trees, especialy in the new biom have to shake more. The small one do, the clouds are racing but big trees nearly do not move. Not authentic.
  • Is there any 5.1 or 7.1 sound support? I have a lot of problems (understatement) with my 5.1 soundsystem (harman kordon HKTS 9) and my 7.1 headset (logitech g633). It seems to be 5.1 is better, 7.1 is total ****, stereo works fine.
  • Add drinking and eating noises?
  • Why does the axe or pickaxe still go through trees? Isnt it possible to make an animation for that?
  • Is it possible to introduce some sort of binoculars? Would be nice for scouting or defending. (ik, maybe distance issue - must not be long range, can be medium or mediumshort range)
  • It is not authentic that crocodiles do not hunt you down if you enter the water. No reference to that. It should be possible that crocodiles hunt you in the water also long time but on ground the just go for a short distance after you (more authentic)
  • Is it possible to craft some small rafts? No navy ship. Water should be way more dangerous, instead it is a safe zone… (wood, plantfiber, thread, x?)
  • Sometimes animals “jump” away already dead trying to harvest them
  • Flying “birds” which can attack you?
  • Floor and furniture gets wet even when roof closed. Rain is not seen anymore but still everything gets wet.
  • T1 Wooddoor and T1 wall with doorframe looks nuts
  • Prioritice coal as burning material at foodstations instead of plant fiber
  • Pls change the image of shredded roast and the uncooked version (its the same)

  • You made beautiful animations concerning harvesting stones/iron/coal etc. but chopping wood = trees flying over the map - can you make an animation for this too? would be awesome

Nope. Reason: Click on some item, then look at the blank field of the inventory. You will understand.


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i remember i have already wondered it as well and i have always thought it was mostly for PVP purposes, so you can see what’s going on in the world of conan while handlling items from your inventory to your toolbar.

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