GUI sounds gone bonkers

Moving the mouse around in your inventory sounds like a hundred kids with drums!! Give us a slider in sound control to turn it off!


Please turn this off or add an option for UI sounds.

This drives me NUTS because I search with my mouse and eyes, not just my eyes.


I would consider this a huge annoyance, and not a “feature.” If it is a feature, then make it so we can turn it off. headache

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Its got some bass to it for sure.

Definitely over the top annoying.

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This is actually hurting my ears it’s so loud compared to everything else, plus it’s annoying AF to have it going rapid fire as I move my mouse back and forth across the inventory screen. I mean… why is it even making a noise over EMPTY slots? It’s not conveying any information, useful or otherwise, so it’s basically just a pointless annoyance.

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