Adding my voice to the possible game changes

I too think having to feed Thralls at this point is a bad idea.
My friends and I are older gamers and I don’t know why every game these days developers have to make changes to game play, possibly and quite often game breaking.

I supposedly purchased a finished game.

I am all for new content in DLC that people can chose to pay for. Add pets, charge us for them. Add new areas, new armors… But please don’t change the game play of what is already there.

Not many people, if any, want to lose their game play time and efforts because of some suit’s decision at funcom or any other developer.

The thralls can “feed themselves” while they are standing around 99% of the time while the players grind everything else.

If you must have thralls feed, which I disagree with, then perhaps have the fight and archer thralls count as adding to food supply as they can be “out hunting and gathering.”

In short, please stop changing game mechanics already in game.


I am beginning to think that perhaps we should all support our own, separate (and RESPECTFUL!) threads on this topic. That way Funcom will be able to count the threads AND the hearts to see just how concerned the player community is about the upcoming proposed changes.

I will participate in every single one - because this is important to me.

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