Adjustable light sources

Most light sources have the wrong value, they are all -too bright-. There are a few excetions, like the Wall lantern, Wall torches, Stygian Brazier and the Aquilonian wall torch, everything else is really bright, making them impossible to fit small rooms and bases.

Some people like to place 2 or 3 braziers and be set, and their bases will be as bright as a power plant. But I dont think we should have all those restrictions, all light sources should be adjustable by placing some fuel inside (that would not be consumed, just a way to calculate how bright you want it to be)

If you want a base with normal shades and illumination, you could simply place little to no fuel inside the light sources you use, they would produce a dim light. People who simply dont wanna bother with it can still have all brightness they want by adding more fuel and having them produce more light.

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