Please add different light collors

It would be nice to have an different coloured light sources for building, like the glowing goo torch

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They’ll probably expand this at some point!

I’d also like to see colored papyrus lanterns.

I would also love to see this happen.

Hopefully they add some options; until then you can do quite a bit with Pippi Glorbs if you’re willing to install mods:

I agree about the Glowing Goo lighting. At the moment we have the “Glowing Wall Torch” and the “Glowing Stick Mount”, recipes 80539 and 80540. They give a nice color that I prefer to the standard yellowish lighting. But for rooms that are two walls high plus a sloped roof, wall mounts and standing torches are not enough, one needs ceiling braziers to light the room properly. It would be nice to have some Glowing Goo suspended and floor mounted braziers.