Adjusting HUD elements

Here’s a screenshot of my screen while playing Conan Exiles

This is a 5120x1440 monitor. Note the hud elements being in the corner of the screens. Most of the information on-screen is in my peripherals and can cause problems when fighting, I.E, my health going down and then dying. Being able to adjust where the hud elements are on screen would be a key feature pretty much every modern game has.

Yes, while this is an ultrawide complaint, people with normal monitors may want their information in different places. We can take a look at Hosav’s GUI mod and note how adjustable the hud elements are. In this screenshot, the health information is just above the toolbar.

People don’t even need to look away from their character while fighting to know exactly when they need to dodge or get out of a tricky situation. Having used this mod on unofficial servers, the ability to change colors, length, position, etc, having all the information I want on display is exactly how it should be. But that may be asking too much. Let’s fix the minor things first like HUD positioning.


That’s what you get for buying a LED strip light instead of a monitor :joy:
No but seriously… I don’t get it :smiley: how is this becoming a thing where the monitor needs to be so wide it doesn’t actually fit in your field of vision?.. sounds very counter-productive.

Jokes aside though, it wouldn’t be too bad to get some customization options


Always the first comment when I mention an ultrawide ofc.
I love my ultra-wide. It’s nice to be able to glance and see things. Not only that, peripheral vision is just as important as main-sight vision which allows us to see movement before other people do. Plus the colors are pretty

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Sorry, just poking fun at ultrawide monitors :stuck_out_tongue:
That picture looks distorted thou, it’s a bit TOO peripheral :slight_smile:

Yeah I might not have the FOV set right. And some games just break beyond the usual monitor width. Some don’t tho!

Hmm, well, I haven’t made a healthbar rework yet since that would be just a redesign thing and not much functionality to include there so not really jumping at it :stuck_out_tongue:
But I did make one for your thralls / guild members the other day that’s movable anywhere on the screen in case you play single player or on a server where you can use mods :slight_smile: That might help, sadly I deliberately excluded the main player from it lol seeing as we have the giant stock healthbar up there :man_shrugging:

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