Adjustment to Visuals of Zero Stamina (Colorblind)

When you run out of stamina, you go semi-colorblind. This is a nice warning system, but the duration of the visual effect can be excessive. Specifically, while swimming.

I got a new P.C. Went from low-end laptop settings since launch, to maximum settings at 4k resolution. The game is beautiful!!!

Except swimming…

After a short swim, my stamina depletes. And I am left with depressed visuals that are just… underwhelming.

Could you possibly limit, or adjust the duration of the colorblind effect? If its only purpose is to visually warn the user that stamina is depleted, then it is much like encumberance, once and done. We get the message, now let us look at shiney stuff again.

Keep the consequences of using all your stamina as is. Just discussing visuals here. Specifically related to swimming, or treading water.

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A good idea, to say the least. There are quite a few lasting audio and visual cues that last too long.

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