Admin Commands Complete List?

I am trying to understand some of the admin commands available as a server owner, and I can find NO complete list anywhere. There are many lists made, and can be found on the internet and on the wiki. But most of these lists are just stolen info from each other.

Nowhere can I find a -complete- list of all the admin and debug commands that popup when you activate the admin command line. There are 1000’s of these commands, many are self-explanatory, most are not.

While building a server I have found the need to use the admin panel to prepare for the day when it is ready for players, and I am assuming a lot of things could be made easier with the use of those admin options.

So… short version: Is there somewhere I can turn to that explains all those options, variables, commands, etc. that are available via the admin command line?

Not sure if we are allowed to bump, to keep the post alive, or perhaps I am posting a question to the admins in the wrong place?

@Orrin - a common question for some players. Do a quick search on ‘Conan Admin Commands’ and there are plenty of lists - for example :wink: :

Thanks for the answer, but as I mentioned in my original post, there is NO list that I have found via a google search that lists all the in-game console commands. There are a lot of posts and websites that seem to have copied each other, including the CE wiki itself.

The wiki does not offer a complete list either. There are 100’s if not thousands of commands or variables to be seen when you open the console command line, but no where have I found an explanation of those commands, or what they are for.

Certainly someone from Funcom could point me in the right direction?

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You’re spot on. There are heaps that aren’t listed anywhere and there are even heaps more for RCon. @Tascha can someone from FC do a complete list for both Admin and RCon please. Thanks

I’ll check in on that :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated if you could!

I am having an issue with a player kicking everyone else from the server and I wanted to dig into the command list and the console to see if I can discover why it is happening. (An issue for another post, but just trying to explain my need for the info)

@Orrin The wiki is not complete, we know of that.

You should have a look at
:open_book: Official Wiki - Changes + What’s needed + Q&A Thread!
Although currently closed, it gives an overview of what we need/what we have been doing. I would welcome you to also join the fan-made Conan Exiles discord, pinned on the General Discussion subforum and the wiki thread. We have a wiki channel for all the editors to come together and I myself have extensive links with the CE Modding, CE:AU and CERP discord owners and members as I’m the always active Head Moderator of the CE Main discord :smiley: (shameless self-promotion :wink: )

Either Funcom or someone with database skills from our side will come through with a list to add on the wiki hopefully

Please note that we are not only copying other sites -which was needed because the wiki originally lacked the info completely- but that we are also expanding on it. We’ve been adding tons of information on certain topics (read eg. Guides, upcoming features). This was partially not reported to us earlier (see also my next reply). Also, know that these commands are not all available to us and that some are purely technical and not meant for player use directly.

We appreciate any help that you may provide for the Official Conan Exiles Wiki and its community. You’re welcome.

Here’s the Rcon page if you have not seen it (but assuming from your text you have):

This page is maintained by Scooper, one of the DevKit developers. He has not had the time to add the Modding Rcon and Rcon commands, but is planning to do so in the future (they weren’t on the page until someone mentioned one on the forums.)

We get these delay in edits because…

  1. The wiki was not originally up-to-date. (as, any wiki would be unfortunately)
  2. There is not a lot of active editors on topics that are really needed. We are currently looking for anyone who would like to help out.
  3. The community does not always know whether the wiki still needs something, so it gets a bit of a shadow going on it.
  4. All the item pages are auto-generated from the database, the database sometimes has errors and some edits get deleted when updating the page. (we try to avoid this by creating new subsections)
    Not all the pages are able to be auto-generated of course, and not everyone has database access.

I did indeed see that page, and I was able to learn a few things from that page. But again, there is more missing, than is present. To be honest, if I get my hands on both lists I would be happy to help update the wiki. It is an invaluable resource, but as was mentioned already, there is so much missing. I would be happy to start submitting some updates for approval for those areas I’ve had to do extra research to get an answer. To be honest, I always use the wiki and google to find an answer. It usually takes a bit of both to satisfy me, and I agree… clearing up some misinformation and adding some much needed data is clearly needed.

I’ll do my best to help since this game has really caught my attention for the long haul.

There is something on the works.

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Thank you so much!
We all highly appreciate it.

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