Admin commands, What it means for official and

So anyone who frequents officals, or the forums has probably heard the cry about certain people managing to work out admin passwords on official servers. (While i haven’t seen it myself, alot of people swear they have)

I’m not here to argue that, or about who certain people may refer to.
My suggestion/“sugquestion”, Is there a way to actually fully disable/remove “Server settings” from the average players options?(Rather then anyone being able to access the page where you type a password)

I heard it mentioned that there may be plans to removed admin commands from singleplayer “gameplay modes”? If this were the case, Does that mean only sandbox gameplay modes (on server start/creation) would have access to server settings in options?

To sum up, I think it would really help the uproar of “calling cheat!”, Plus help official players feel abit more secure.