Admin mode flying speeds

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player

Bug Description:

The admin flying speed issue after all this time still hasn’t been fixed. You can fly around for a while but then all of a sudden the speed drops drastically. The normal flying speed drops down to almost not moving at all and when you press sprint the movement picks up but is still comparable to running speed though it should be much, much faster when flying. Exiting and entering admin mode doesn’t help, exiting and entering creative mode doesn’t help and now even restarting the game doesn’t seem to help though it previously did. This has been an issue for a long time now and yet nothing has happened.


Does pressing up or down on the d-pad adjust speed while levitating?

It used to be getting close to the ground sped things up

No, up switches the perspective and down opens the emote wheel.

Nothing speeds things up.

Are you using creative mode or just admin?

I have noticed this aswell, I pop in and out of first person alot in creative, then maybe play normally for a bit doing whatever, and then I get an idea again, to build something etc. Basically I use the D pad alot. And often I find suddenly fly speed is very slow in creative mode.
Just spamming up on the D pad a few times solves this for me, since it’s tied to both fly speed adjusting and toggle view.

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This one has had similar experience.
A solution that sometimes works is to let go of flying, fall a distance and then “catch” yourself and fly again.
Also, hold down the toggle you would use to sprint, and then release yourself to fall and while falling change facing.
It’s sorta a slingshot effect that sometimes does the trick for this one.

Could try staying out of Creative Mode and just use Admin when building. I found that it doesn’t drop the flight speed whilst playing. I had the same issue with flying when Creative mode first launched, stopped using it entirely.

True and it was both in ps4 and ps5 consoles. Thank you for reporting it @Koschgine, i always forget to report it and it’s really annoying.

This happens on xbox too. It’s really jarring on an online private server because the speed is 50x faster than friggin single player