Creative mode cant move when trying to fly xbox x and ps5

I can see no reason why fly as become snail pace. actually less than slug or snail. I read push sprint button. did not work. On screen you can see Y fly down x interact A fly up but where it says sprint which I would assume meant please actually move no button is shown. in addition to trying the official SPRINT toggle Ive tried all the others. nope. can not fly. this is obnoxious. other games in creative mode let you move around your build at the pace you want as well as fly across the map if you want. its single player. its creative mode. why the leash to prevent movement???

You can ignore creative mode issues in single-player by just using admin mode instead.

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Admin mode fly has the same slow issue though.

@Peaches go into first person and then back to third and that should change the speed of the fly cam. Up on d-pad.
Hope it helps! Just be careful because sometimes it becomes very fast xD

Usually I wait for a while. You can press L3 to move faster until things start normalizing and you go back to jetfighter flying speed.

I can fly around just fine in admin mode, no speed loss whatsoever

I don’t know about offline but on private servers it is plenty fast.

It was slow as a snail for me in both admin fly and creative fly, until I swapped from 1st person back to 3rd a couple of times.
I’ve only had to do it once though and the speed seems to have stuck.
Maybe the fly speed increase is tied to that button, dunno.

I am playing on live

Again, if you’re stating you’re playing single-player, either offline, online on any platform, there’s nothing stopping you from using admin mode instead of creative mode. I had the slow issue with creative mode when it launched. Tossed the build hammer off a cliff, switched to admin, zero issues with flight speed.

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