Snail pace while in creative mode why did you slow us down

Until last night there was no problem but all of a sudden while in creative mode I have to click the analog stick to move at a normal pace if you don’t you fly as if you are overcumbered and it sucks make you not want to build please fix or tell me how to fix love the game but this will make me not play anymore if I can’t build efficiently


Try the sprint button while flying. It moves quite a bit quicker than normal flying. If you have tried this, then you may need to submit a bug report, preferably detailing what you did prior to it ceasing to work.

Yes that does work temporary but it was not always like this why all of a sudden I have to tap the Sprint button it was nothing wrong with the way it was why change it now

Where do you report a bug

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That’s how it works. And its faster then the fly speed we had before.

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Zendesk. You can find how in introduction pages of Forum. Welcome to the Forum by the way. @Blackpegesus .

I have this problem on series x also. Its random when it happens. Admin flying is also affected. But most of the time it works correctly. I don’t know, its weird.

No, there’s bug. The speed is normal at first but all of a sudden you can barely move unless you sprint.

It is true in admin mode too. I think in creative mode it is intentional, but it got applied to admin fly/ghost too, with only be able to fly at normal speed while “sprinting”, which costs stamina too (thatbwas not a thing before). Not to mention the weird, heavily off display of the weapon held in hand. I think that is a bug.

This periodically happens to this one on PS5.
Likewise on a boosted PS4.

But it’s not constant.
Sometimes, flight speed is normal, sometimes it is a horrible crawl.
This one has not discovered what the variables are.

This one did play around with velocity drops, gravity assisted slingshots, and fly/sprint/fall/fly shifts to build greater speed. The fastest this one got cleared New Asagarth plateau, long ways, in about 4 seconds.

This one would say that flight in game, much like in current airports, is a very random affair.

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