Admin Panel And Crashing

Does the crashing stop if you play offline single player cause I’am a solo gamer and also have a poor wifi but if i update it at the latest version will it not crash if i play offline with nobody with myself no server
And one last thing can u use the admin panel while offline cause i havent tested it and i never updated my conan exiles so a little risky .

still waiting for an answer pls

Hello @DBZMASTE, you should be able to enable admin mode on singleplayer sessions by accessing the server settings, since the singleplayer session works similarly to an online one - save a few limitations.

Please let us know if you have any issues.

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To answer the question Hugo didn’t, no, playing offline single-player will not stop the crashes. It’s not as immediate as it can be with online play, but you will be visiting the dashboard sooner or later (sooner, if you zone/teleport).

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This game has so many 1 star reviews for a reason, I could never in good conscience recommend you to purchase it. If however you do the awnswer that wasn’t answered is yes you will still experience most of the same game breaking issues whether you play online or offline. Also if you purchase it get used to waiting for any kind of response or feedback from community support, to be honest the response you got was way faster than most.

I hope there will be a real patch soom

Lol loading up offline single player was the only way people could play the game online an not crash every 2 minutes but they broke that to on the September update wak 4863 called funcom out in a video a few days ago on YouTube they have been updating the new map like crazy an not fixing the Xbox shame on you funcom :persevere:

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so if im offline iit will not crash cause my wifi is bad

You’re still going to crash. The issue that is causing most of the regular crashes right now happens online or offline in singleplayer.

so i just have to wait for a patch to fix this problem

Lol they are to busy updateing new map go an look at wak 4863 video on YouTube he talks about how much they have updated the new map but for some reason can’t get the Xbox fixed for almost two months now lmao you can’t blame it on covid funcom we no your working every hard on updates for the new map but f the Xbox right more an more people walking away every day an to think these are people your gonna try to sell this new map to next year on the Xbox good luck with that

Hopefully the rampant crashing will be fixed. This last update was a swing an a miss, but supposedly they’re still working on it. Also keep in mind, I don’t think it’s Funcom in Oslo which does any of the development on the Xbox (so not the folks working on the PC version). AFAIK, their console development is farmed out.

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yeh i hope

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