None stop Crashes

after the disappointing Skyrim crashes ,I paid lots at Microsoft for this game with all the dlc and an extra disc for my husband to also play this game yet now we disappointed as I have 1 questions
1.Why does Conan still keep crashing when I play offline single player with or without using admin.I only use admin for full nudity, better building resources and gear . Yet after 1 hour play my game just crash without saving anything and I’m back in the desert having to do everything allover with old rags on. no nudity or dead corps location.

Try posting in the xbox bug report forum. You’re likely to get more responses. Someone else may even have the same problem.

In any event, the more details you can provide about the crashes the more Funcom and others can help. For example, what are you doing in game when the crash occurs? Are there any patterns? Can you reproduce the circumstances to cause crash?

I can’t help beyond this because I play on PC.

I was buildinga simple shelter .im on Xbox one s Serie the latest console.this game just suck there

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