Interesting problems

My wife and I play on a private server, but there seems to be a wierd problem. She often has problems using the admin panel interface. She often freezes or outright crashes when attempting to use the panel. What makes this wierd is the fact that it only happens to her. I have no such problems. The only real variable is the console type. Mine is an X and hers is an S. But this issue actually predates my purchase of the X. Another aspect of this issue is the fact that this only occurs when she plays Conan.

If she is crashing often, have her load single player, offline, before starting a session on the server. A lot of people on Xbox encounter crashing and dashboarding, this has been the go to work around for this issue.


She isn’t really crashing, she is freezing up whenever she tries to access the admin panel. She can close the panel. And continue on with the game. If she clears cache, she can access the panel fully for a short time, but the problem will start up again.

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