Admin panel to set ownership please and possible problem?

Greetings all, I have noticed a weird thing.
I built a house and then left a clan. After leaving the clan I could no longer interact with my house at all, not even build onto it. I think it has to do with ownership issues as it now belongs to the clan. Anyways I admin a server and I tried to find a fix in the admin panel with no luck. Is there any chance of seeing something in the future to set ownership via the admin panel in game?

Thanks for all you do, this truly is an awesome game!

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this is part of the game.

while there is no ownership option.
as an admin you can:
remove the door, and dismantle the building
using shift + ctrl + del while in admin mode
once the building is gone the clans land claim should drop
you may need a server restart for this to happen.

then you can rebuild by using the free build mode, shift + ctrl + alt + F10
building parts are not consumed so you only need 1 of each piece.

then just exit admin mode and resume where you left off.