Structure and item ownership selector

So everyone who has ever left a clan knows that EVERYTHING they have built now belongs to the clan they just left.

My suggestion:

1a Option to toggle items for "Character Ownership" or "Clan Ownership"

1b Connecting items act as one item (for the option to select for whole connected base sections)

Alternative options:

  1. Only Clan Officers or Owners to build “Group associated” items and buildings.

  2. Take “Clan Privilages” to items and bases away from members and add an option to allow/disallow ANY INDIVIDUAL player on the server access to items similar to how clans currently work. (Personally I think this would be the easiest to implement and be the safest for group work… because there is always “That member” who you do NOT want messing with your stuff) Clan access to doors, crates, stations, etc being an option as well that encompasses an entire clan in one click. (Either as a whole or per item)

I’m sure others will have some ideas on the subject an I’m just hoping that this kind of thing can be helped one way or another. It’s a tricky situation no matter which way you go… but right now the only option is to lose EVERYTHING you’ve built if you fond that you are in a clan with a bunch of jerks wads… or if you’re booted from a clan for any reason.

I think it just needs a touch up if I had a base built before joining a clan that base belongs to me even if I left the clan. Only exception would be if the building was built by clan materials.