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Hi there! Until recently I ran a server on Life is Feudal:Your Own. We migrated to Conan Exiles last week and we are having a blast! However, yesterday we turned decay on (building abandonment on). A few hours ago one of our players reported their base was about to decay in a couple hours so we had to turn this off. What did I do wrong?

Building decay multiplier is set at 7
Building Decay Time Per Score is set at 5,400
Building Radial Destruction Force Multiplier is set at 500 I’m not sure if this has anything to do with decay though.

I’ve tried to do research on google and youtube etc and I’m even more confused.

The decay setting for Life is feudal were more straight forward. Conan Exiles decay settings are more confusing. Can anyone help? Thanks =)

what do you mean by building decay time per score ? and the building decay multiplier ?

what you want to look at is more :

max building decay time : (in seconds if I am not mistaken , so 60 = 1 minutes and 604 800 = a week )


max decay time auto demolish

I think you are misreading the pvp building damage multipliers to buildings maybe

I replied to you in the Admin Discord but I will post my little research here as well as it may help others:

  1. The only way to adjust the max decay appears to be by adjusting these (the time is in seconds):

  2. Buildings lower than 6 building pieces get a fixed decay timer of 1h (provided that there are no placeables on them).

  3. Above 6 pieces (or when placeables are involved), a calculation is performed to determine the decay timer. Building Score * Building Decay Timer Per Score * Building Decay Time Multiplier = Decay Timer (but not above the max).

E.g. with these settings:

My sandstone building with 7 score got about 21h when initially constructed.

However, after standing around for a few minutes while typing this, the time increased:

If I lower the BuildingDecayTimeMultiplier=1, restart the server and create another sandstone building of 7 pieces, I only got 10ish hours:

A few additional notes:

  • Map-Room; Animal Pens, Stable, Wheels of Pain, Wells (as all as the majority of other placeables) = 1 building score i.e. max 1h 30 min when placed on their own.
  • T1 altar = 144 building score or about 216 hours when placed on the ground.
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You can turn off decay completely if you want to.

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