Adventurer Shadowleet Morph animation

Dear Funcom support,

I feel the urge to report this, as it still strongly impairs the gaming experience and atmosphere.

The animation of the adventurer morph Shadowleet " Pr0n0wnzm3nt 0f H4xx" is horribly bugged since its been introduced in 2015/16.

Weapons still show when morphed (sword through the leet head, or shotgun through its mouth) and the leet completely freezes when attacking. It also looks way too hectic and silly when running, but that’s neglectable against the main issue.

Please finally fix these bugs - You get that nano as a reward for two tedious and very long questlines, which take around 10 hours in total and it should be a pleasant reward and not a disappointment.


I always considered the “weapon in mouth” thing to be a cool homage to

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Dealing with issues with a sense of humor is always a good choice, though the combination of the bugs (freezing,waepon showing, running) destroys the visual part of the gaming experience.

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Yes please!

Of note, it’s the off-hand weapon that shows, so you can accessorize your shadowleet. (My Steam user picture is of the “get to the choppa” flavor with a Sentinels ETE Strike Gun. “(Kyr’)Mohaxe” was and is a running joke.)

The animation freeze far as I can tell, happens with casting nanos. If that ever gets fixed of course, I’m going to wistfully hope for a /piehole emote. :stuck_out_tongue:

The state of the shadowleet has grown on me a little, obviously.

I get the freeze the second I attack something, no cast needed. Haven’t logged my adv since, still very disappointed with the Shadowleet morph I worked hard for (Sheol quests are a pain).

Scheol quests are indeed a pain, and I commiserate with you. :confused:

It could be it doesn’t freeze me because as a melee first advy I have a tendency to strafe and circle around to see what’s going on, thus breaking the freeze, whereas obviously when casting I’m immobile.

Of course, now I said that I wonder if my freezes while casting are from perks or special attacks.