Aesir Warriors doesn't do full combos

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6422
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Aesir Warrior thralls doesn’t do full combos with mace or two handed sword. With 2 handed sword they do only 2 attacks and with a mace they do maximum of 3 attacks. This makes them much inferior to other thalls which I doubt is intended.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Spawn a Aesir Warrior thrall. 2: Give the thrall a mace or a two handed sword. 3: make the thrall attack a target that doesn’t interrupt the thralls attacks. 4: Observe and witness as the thrall only does two attacks with the two handed sword and maximum of 3 with a mace.

That is not a bug.

Thralls have various different combo presets and this particular thrall is a very mediocre one and only has access to limited combos. It’s working as intended.

This is true for Colvric the Blade and Warriors of Jhebbal Sag as well. It is not true for their counterparts from other surges like Yoggite Veterans. Those thralls do full combos just as you would expect. All the T3 fighter thralls from any surge also do full combos with no issues.

Long version. This pertains to thralls that spawn via Siptah Surges. Each surge type has two tiers of named fighters. A normal T4 and a surge T4. For Aesir the normal T4 is the Aesir Warriors and the purge T4 is Aesir Berserkers. For the Jhebbal Sag surge the normal T4’s are Warriors of Jhebbal Sag and the Surge T4 is Karthok of the Great Beast. For the Yoggite surge the normal T4’s are Yoggite Veterans and the surge T4 is Arkhu the Mad.

My memory is fuzzy on the other surge named but the issue is that all of the normal T4 fighters from other surges do full combos just like they should except for Aesir Warriors, Warriors of Jhebbal Sag and Colvric the Blade.

I believe it was Wak who had a video outlining the differences between the normal and surge T4 fighters. Surge T4’s had more hp’s, normal T4’s had a higher damage multiplier. Whether that’s still the case I don’t know. Was quite some time ago.

I also noticed in my testing with the Aesir that a T3 Aesir fighter gained more hp per vitality than the T4 Aesir Warriors. That’s also been a while so may or may not be true still. Might indicate that some of the parameters between the two are switched or just entered incorrectly.

This keeps coming up every now and then. Seems unlikely it will ever be addressed or fixed. I just stopped using the affected thralls personally.

You don’t need to do testing for that :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a publicly available spreadsheet with the data of any possible humanoid follower ingame that I’ve been updating for every chapter so far since 3.0 launched.

However… you just gave me an idea… I might include their actual combo profile in future updates so that people can see which of them do full combos and which don’t, might be useful


It might? Of course that would be VERY useful, @Xevyr . :grin:

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