[SIPTAH] [SURGE] Some T4 Fighters Thrall doesn't perfoms combos

Game mode: [Online Official, Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ Europe ]
Mods?: [No]

Bug Description:


On isle of Siptah, I got a Warrior of Jhebbal Sag (T4 fighter) from surge.
I assumed he was a T4 due of his golden health bar.

What a surprise when I saw this thrall hits 2 times and doesn’t perform any combo.
I tested the aesir warrior (T4 Fighter) I got same result.
But the Treasure Seeker Blade Master (T4 Fighter) performs combos as planned.
I didn’t test any others T4 fighters.
It should be tested on every T4 thralls.

Expected Behavior:

Every T4 Thralls performing combos.

Steps to Reproduce:

Have a Warrior Of Jhebbal Sag or an Aesir Warrior and see him hits some monsters.


This is a long lasting issue, good luck getting help


Didn’t know that.
Well, this has to be fixed, there’s no point to even bother to capture them.
that’s just times wasted while there are accursed berserker …

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Except the Surge type Warrior’s Strength melee damage bonus is significantly higher and they’re much easier to level up.

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This happens in the Exiled Lands as well. There are a number of T4 and T3 Thralls that won’t do combos. Some will, some won’t. For example, Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers. If it’s one that throws bombs or is initially equipped with a shield when you first get them, there seems to be a higher chance they use combos (though not guaranteed), whereas others might or might not. Seems slightly random.

I do not know if weapon type positively affects this. I know some negatively affect this (Musashi’s Black Blade, pretty much any shield after a time, the yellow katana), but that might a unrelated topic.

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