After patch bugs

When scrolling past Battle pass on way to challenges ps4 freezes - everytime.
In the North shrubs, 1. NPC legs dissappear in snow.
2. Rocks and grass floating
White Tiger thrall would go invisible except eyes, not sure but battled a 1 skull bear that was also invisible causing me to loose thrall.
This is only in the short time I have played.
Feel free to add to list.
Addition when casting spell then backing out in the beginning it froze ps4. Had to restart game
The more I play the more I find. Now when summoning a Abyssal mount it uses the resources but doesnt give me the thrall. Message reads must be placed on walkable floor which the Circle of power is clearly on. It is solid blocks and roof tiles( wooden) above water. Again uses my resources, gives me corruption but doesnt give me the mount. It has vanished.
Addition : All Level White Tigers are Invisible.
Ostrich babies are invisible


I have froze several times going through battle Pass had to log out. :sweat_smile:

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Rock grass and trees appear normal.

Anyone having issues playing single player, and enemy npc names not showing health and difficulty level when fighting? Even if locked on to them?

Have Palm trees inside base now others can’t see

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