After the Patch. Shoot with the Bow deleted all Arrows from the inventory

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] Both
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] Bug
Region: [Here] EU

I use everytime the healing arrows like so much other guys to. Today I want to heal my NPC and shoot with 35 arrows in my inventory. Than nothing no reaktion on the ground. I mean the healing aoe and all the arrows in my inventory are gone. Its happens 2 times. And I test it more times again with other Arrows. But happens the same.

Its everytime cool when a bugfix update makes more bugs. :face_vomiting:

Which bow or bows are you using? Did you have the same amount of arrows in your inventory each time or different amounts? Are they 100% armor pen arrows? Really? You swear??

I have used the bow of the red mother. I have used the healing arrows.
I have arrows and the bow every time with me.
I test it tomorrow more to look for differens

Hi @Psyko, does this issue only occur with that specific bow?

Are you still able to reproduce it?

The same has been happening to me, on PS4 Official PVE server. Every so often a single shot (tested with bone arrows) will empty the entire stack of arrows that the bow is using. The bow is just a standard Khitan bow with a damage kit from the blacksmith’s forge added to it. Seems to just happen on the first shot of a session so far.

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