Healing arrows full stack gone after 1 arrow shot

Game mode: [Online | pvec server 3828
Problem: [healing arrow stack disapears after shooting 1 arrow.
Region: usa

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.place 100 healing arrow stack in quick wheel
2. Shoot arrows
3. After 1 or 2 arrows shot entire stack disapears.

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To be honest with you i never put my arrows to the wheel. They take a very important slot. I will try it tonight and i will inform you tomorrow.

I had the same issue in single-player a day ago, shot one healing arrow and the full stack was suddenly gone.

Hey @Salx777x, thank you for your report, we’ll forward this issue to the developers.

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This happens if you have 100% armor pen arrows, deletes the entire stack after shooting once.

Really? I didn’t know if these arrows had 100% armor pen though I wonder how they got it.

So far my healing arrows have worked fine but explosive arrows will fire a full stack in one shot for me.

This was bugged. If you switched arrows, you ended up with 100% AP arrows.

As explained: If you have 100% AP arrows, which were a bug, the entire stack is gone after 1 shot.
ALL arrows were able to get to 100% AP, because of the bug.

And instead of letting broken arrows in the game, the entire stack gets removed.

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Samething happened to me twice . Both healing an poison.

PS4 official server .3522.

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