AGAIN: Armor Displays/Return Items to Inventory Feature/Dismantling Bench/Missing NPCs

Issue #1: Illusioned armor on armor display - Displays the armor used for stat source rather than the appearance armor. Issue #2: The “return items to inventory” feature is broken. For example, I craft an item on an artisan bench, set it down and I am unable to return the intact item to my inventory. It is instead broken and I receive partial materials. Issue #3 Feedback - The change made to the dismantling bench is just rotten. Cannot move items from inventory directly to the queue. Items instead go in the bench inventory and then have to be drug up to the queue to be dismantled. It is a very cumbersome process when trying to dismantle several items. Should add the option to move to queue or inventory so players can choose how their bench will process items. (i.e. let players choose default setting for bench as they can with doors autoclosing etc.) Issue #4: Several NPCs on the map are not spawning. For example NPC’s near the obelisk in the unnamed city no longer spawn. Sand beasts no longer spawn. Giant Croc/World Boss in G7 not spawning.

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I wish the diplay stands would show the illusion armour as some are hard to see with the colouring hope this gets implemented in the near future

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